The Committee Chair serves as a link between the youth facing program, the Chartered Org, the Pack Committee and the Potowatomi Area Council. This position is responsible for connecting the Den Leaders and Cubmaster with the resources they need to run a great program.


  • Organizes monthly Committee Meeting. Prepares agenda.
  • Gathers information from Council and relays to the Pack Committee.
  • Communicates with the Chartered Organization Representative to provide updates on the health of the Pack and obtain any necessary resources.
  • Organizes the annual Pack rechartering effort including gathering details for Journey to Excellence reporting.
  • Works with the Treasurer and other Committee members to create an annual budget.
  • Works with the Training Chair to ensure all leaders have the proper Youth Protection and Position Specific training.

Time Requirement

Prepare Agenda for monthly meetings – 30 minutes
Run monthly Committee Meetings – 90 minutes
Attend monthly Council Roundtable – 60 minutes
Annual recharter – 4 hours in November
Attend annual Pack Planning Meeting – 120 minutes in June
Organize and run Annual Budget Meeting – 120 minutes in July/August