The Friends of Scouting (FOS) Chair is responsible for the success of the annual Friends of Scouting drive within the Pack. Annual Pack Dues go to the BSA National office and to a small degree, our local Pack. Friends of Scouting helps to fill the gap to Council.


  • Become a trained FOS presenter
    • Discuss the purpose of FOS at a Pack event
    • Pass out pledge cards
    • Collect cards
    • Report results to Council
  • OR: Coodinate with Council to have a presenter at a Pack event.
    • Introduce the presenter
    • Gather any pledge cards and submit to Coucil
  • Report the results of above to the Pack Committee

Time Requirement

Annual FOS Presentation prep – 60 minutes.
Attendence at the FOS Presentation
Record results and report to Pack Committee – 30 minutes