Scouter’s Minute – March 2022

Welcome to March, the beginning of Spring and a time for change — just look at the weather over the past week. Such is the case for Pack 63 as we move forward. This newsletter is a part of that change.

This month we will be trying a new format to relay information and would love your feedback. After many years with the Pack, Jessy Karides left for Scouts BSA when her son moved on to Troop 63. One of the many things that Jessy helped us with was designing and printing the monthly Pack newsletter. In this digital age, and with Jessy moving on, it was time to try something new.

Observe constantly that all things take place by change.

Marcus Aurelius

I think of myself as somewhat of a Stoic, so this quote by Marcus Aurelius has always stuck with me. The point he was making was that all things, both good and bad, come to be because of change. If nothing ever changed there would be no improvement.

So with that mindset, Pack 63 will continue on but look different. Mr. Stanich made such an incredible mark on the Pack. Most of the traditions we have held and developed over the past few years will continue on — but there will also be change. It is on each of us as parents and leaders to make that change as positive and beneficial as possible. Please feel free to reach out to me with any suggestions or comments.

Yours In Scouting,
Cubmaster, Pack 63