April 2022 Advancement

Our Tigers were extra busy since last month but Lions and Wolves also completed some awesome adventures. All scouts should be getting ready to Crossover next month. Click READ MORE to see the full list.

Eli Lion Den 6Gizmos and Gadgets 
Grant Lion Den 6Gizmos and Gadgets 
Alexander Lion Den 6Gizmos and Gadgets 
Gracelem Lion Den 6Gizmos and Gadgets 
Avery Tiger Den 5My Tiger Jungle 
Avery Tiger Den 5Tigers in the Wild 
Charlie Tiger Den 5Protect Yourself Rules (Tiger) 
Charlie Tiger Den 5Tigers in the Wild 
Isaac Tiger Den 5My Tiger Jungle 
Isaac Tiger Den 5Protect Yourself Rules (Tiger) 
Isaac Tiger Den 5Tigers in the Wild 
Caleb Tiger Den 5My Tiger Jungle 
Caleb Tiger Den 5Protect Yourself Rules (Tiger) 
Caleb Tiger Den 5Sky Is the Limit 
Caleb Tiger Den 5Tiger-iffic! 
Caleb Tiger Den 5Tigers in the Wild 
Austin Tiger Den 5My Tiger Jungle 
Austin Tiger Den 5Protect Yourself Rules (Tiger) 
Austin Tiger Den 5Tigers in the Wild 
Sam Tiger Den 5My Tiger Jungle 
Sam Tiger Den 5Protect Yourself Rules (Tiger) 
Sam Tiger Den 5Tigers in the Wild 
Westin Tiger Den 5My Tiger Jungle 
Westin Tiger Den 5Protect Yourself Rules (Tiger) 
Westin Tiger Den 5Tigers in the Wild 
Anthony Tiger Den 5Protect Yourself Rules (Tiger) 
Anthony Tiger Den 5Tigers in the Wild 
Nathan Tiger Den 5Tigers in the Wild 
Damian Tiger Den 5My Tiger Jungle 
Damian Tiger Den 5Protect Yourself Rules (Tiger) 
Damian Tiger Den 5Tigers in the Wild 
Brody Tiger Den 5My Tiger Jungle 
Brody Wolf Den 1Protect Yourself Rules (Tiger) 
Brody Wolf Den 1Tigers in the Wild 
Jackson Wolf Den 1Duty to God Footsteps 
Jackson Wolf Den 1Paws of Skill 
Jackson Wolf Den 1Running With the Pack 
Jackson Wolf Den 1Cyber Chip (1-3) 
Jonathan Wolf Den 1Paws of Skill 
Jonathan Wolf Den 1Cyber Chip (1-3) 
Jayden Wolf Den 1Paws of Skill 
Jayden Wolf Den 1Spirit of the Water 
Jayden Wolf Den 1Cyber Chip (1-3) 
Jayce Wolf Den 1Paws of Skill 
Jayce Wolf Den 1Cyber Chip (1-3) 
Alex Wolf Den 1Paws of Skill 
Alex Wolf Den 1Cyber Chip (1-3) 
Chase Wolf Den 1Paws of Skill 
Chase Wolf Den 1Spirit of the Water 
Chase Wolf Den 1Cyber Chip (1-3) 
Nicholas Webelos Den 3Game Design