Remaining Schedule – Pack 63

It’s hard to believe, but the school year is rapidly coming to a close. Here is an overview of the rest of the year. Read on for all of the details for April and May.

Earth Day Volunteer Opportunity

To promote conservation, Pack 63 tries to participate in an Earth Day event each year. This year, Kati Adam has helped organize a pathway cleanup along the Hank Aaron Trail. Check out the details on the event page for the Earth Day Event.

Rose Glen Chicken BBQ

This volunteer opportunity is CRITICAL to the success of the PTO Chicken BBQ. The PTO depends on the Pack to help guide traffic and park cars. Scouts should show up for their shift 5 minutes early to make sure we can hand things off from group to group. It would be best if your family could sign up for TWO SESSIONS. In total, there are 42 spots to fill and we have 43 scouts. Sign up HERE.

Crossover Ceremony

Our May Pack meeting will be our crossover event. At this meeting the scouts will ‘graduate’ to the next level rank. We will also have a “potluck” style dessert or snack. We may move this event outside if the weather looks nice, so watch for details. Please be sure to check with your Den Leaders to make sure your scout has completed all of their rank requirements. They can still move on to the next rank without earning their current rank, but we like to ensure all scouts finish all requirements.

Family Camp

Our spring campout is an awesome one! We typically go fishing, cook some great food, play games, and go for a hike, but by far the highlight of the weekend is our Rocket Rally! We will have the rockets available at the Crossover Ceremony — they take about an hour to build and decorate. We will have options for a weekend stay and for Saturday only.

I encourage everyone to come camp for at least one night. Please don’t be intimidated – plenty of people are there to help with tent setup. Don’t have a tent? Just ask… we have tons of families with a spare tent. SIGN UP HERE.