The Scouting for Food Chairperson organizes the Pack’s largest community service event each year in March. This event collects thousands of pieces of non-perishable goods for the local food panty. The specifics are coordinated with Council, BSA Troop 63 and the families of the Pack.


  • Confirm dates for Scouting for Food. Ensure the event is on the calendars and website.
  • Encourage participation with announcements at Pack meetings and through Facebook posts or emails.
  • Coordinate coverage area with Council and Pack 63. Create or revise maps to efficiently canvas the coverage area as quickly as possible.
  • Revise, print and prep the paper handout
  • Plan the specifics of drop off day including assigning areas and replenishing bags for volunteers.
  • Plan the specifics of pickup day including assigning teams to areas and coordinating sorting and boxing.
  • Arrange for food to be dropped off at the local food pantry (typically Salvation Army)

Time Requirement

February Planning – 30 minutes
Bag prep, map organization – 60-120 minutes
Bag dropoff – 4 hours
Bag pickup – 4 hours