Are you a frequent camp attendee? The Trailermaster / Quartermaster helps to organize and transport the Pack trailer. A truck or SUV that can tow, with a 7-pole (round) power plug is higehly encouraged but if you don’t have one you can still assist by keeping the inside of the trailer tidy and full of supplies. This role can be shared by multiple people if you don’t make every camp.


  • Periodically take inventory of the trailer and take note of items to purchase.
  • Organize an annual trailer cleanup.
  • Pull or coordinate another adult leader to pull the trailer to and from camp outings (Family, Swamp Fox, Winter)

Time Requirement

Inventory Review – 30-60 minutes, potentially while at camp.
Annual trailer cleanup – 2 hours, with assistance.
Trailer pickup/dropoff – Additional 30 minutes per camp outing.