The training chair ensures all leaders are up to date on their required training and shares other training opportunities with Adult Leaders. They are the Youth Protection Chair for the Pack.


  • Ensure all leaders complete their Youth Protection Training immediately and renew every two years.
  • Review Training Report in Scoutbook and My.Scouting.Org.
  • Print and share Trainer’s Report during monthly Committee Meetings
  • Track Adult Leader Awards (Den Leader’s Training Award, Scouter’s Training Award, Cubmaster’s Key)
  • Ensure the Pack has an adequate number of BALOO trained leaders to hold outdoor camps. (One required at each camp)
  • Promote additional training opportunities within the pack. (Oak Leaf, LNT, Wood Badge, etc)

Time Requirement

General emails and research – 30 minutes per month.
Monthly report prep – 10 minutes per month.
Committee Meeting attendance – 90 minutes per month.