The Treasurer is responsible for the pack finances and financial planning. This person will be a signatory on the bank account and Scout Store account and will be responsible for the caretaking of Pack cash and assets. The Treasurer will work closely with the Committee Chair and Cubmaster to advise on the financial stability of the Pack. The Treasurer will maintain records for all money owed to the Pack and all expenditures.


  • Prepare monthly Financial Reports to share with the Pack Committee.
  • Maintain the financial accounting records for the pack including:
    • Finalizing the Annual Pack Budget.
    • Tracking individual scout/family accounts.
    • Collecting payments and recording them.
    • Issuing checks and balancing the checkbook.
    • Tracking money earned from Fundraising.
    • Reimbursing parents/leaders for any expenses in accordance with the Pack Bylaws
  • Attend monthly Committee Meetings to help with the financial planning for activities.

Time Requirement

Prepare monthly Financial Report – 60 minutes
Accept and record payments – 90 minutes during Pack Meeting and 60 minutes during various times of the month.
Attend monthly Committee Meetings – 90 minutes
Attend annual Pack Planning Meeting – 120 minutes in June
Organize and run Annual Budget Meeting – 120 minutes in July/August