September Advancement

September was a big advancement month for the Pack! Many of our new scouts earned their Bobcat Badge and will be recognized in a ceremony at the Pack meeting. Our Webelos den participated in Webelos First Adventure in Germantown where they earned a bunch of adventure pins from Scouts BSA Troops there.

Ranks Earned

E. AdamBobcat 
L. FlanneryBobcat 
A. KobrigerBobcat 
G. KobrigerBobcat 
R. TillichBobcat 
W. UlrichBobcat 
G. VeikBobcat 
A. WolfBobcat 
E. WolfeBobcat 
B. Wolfe-VasquezBobcat 

Special Awards

J. FankShooting Sports Award – Bear 
K. JacobsenShooting Sports Award – Webelos 
K. JacobsenShooting Sports Pin – Webelos BB Gun 
C. KerznarShooting Sports Award – Webelos 
C. KerznarShooting Sports Pin – Webelos BB Gun 
J. KlawiterShooting Sports Award – Bear 
A. NotbohmShooting Sports Award – Bear 
C. ShimelShooting Sports Award – Bear 


Z. BookerFirst Responder
Z. BookerWebelos Walkabout
M. ClarkWebelos Walkabout 
E. CzarneckiLion’s Honor 
G. DahmsWebelos Walkabout 
J. EdwardsEarth Rocks! 
C. EschSpirit of the Water 
J. FankBear Necessities 
F. FlanneryLion’s Honor 
J. FrattaA Bear Goes Fishing 
J. FrattaBear Necessities 
L. FrattaLion’s Honor 
C. GrycowskiLion’s Honor 
I. HumitzLion’s Honor 
K. JacobsenInto the Wild 
K. JacobsenOutdoor Adventurer 
S. JacobsenPaws on the Path 
C. KerznarGame Design 
C. KerznarSports 
J. KlawiterBear Necessities 
C. KochCast Iron Chef
C. KochCastaway
C. KochFirst Responder
C. KochInto the Woods
C. KochWebelos Walkabout
B. KranerCast Iron Chef
B. KranerCastaway
B. KranerFirst Responder
B. KranerWebelos Walkabout
L. MagawAquanaut 
L. MagawInto the Wild 
L. MathisonLion’s Honor 
A. NotbohmBear Necessities 
R. RentmeesterCast Iron Chef
R. RentmeesterCastaway
R. RentmeesterFirst Responder
R. RentmeesterInto the Woods
R. RentmeesterWebelos Walkabout
M. RibbichCast Iron Chef
M. RibbichCastaway
M. RibbichFirst Responder
M. RibbichInto the Woods
M. RibbichWebelos Walkabout
C. ShimelBear Necessities 
D. SwiftRunning With the Pack 
G. VeikCast Iron Chef
G. VeikCastaway
G. VeikFirst Responder
G. VeikInto the Woods
G. VeikWebelos Walkabout
A. WolfCast Iron Chef
A. WolfCastaway
A. WolfFirst Responder
A. WolfInto the Woods
A. WolfWebelos Walkabout