Scouter’s Minute – Keys

In case you weren’t able to hear my message to our Arrow of Light Scouts, here is a copy of that message:

Imagine you  are walking through a dimly lit hallway and come to a corner. You turn the corner and see another long hallway and all along the floor are keys. Some of these keys are small, some are large. Some are ornate and still others are plain, maybe rusted or looking like they are rarely used. So you proceed forward, and pick up some of these keys. Some are sitting on the ground, others are up high, suspended from strings. Maybe you cannot hold all of the keys and they are falling out of your pockets. Maybe after a while you are tired and choose not to pick up a particular key. And then you come to another corner. 

You turn, and see a corridor filled with many doors. Each door can be unlocked with a key. A few doors are already open. So you look at the doors and read the signs on them. Some of the doors are very attractive. Some hold no interest for him. Unfortunately, a few of the very attractive doors require keys that you did not pick up, and you cannot open the doors. 
I want you to think of those keys as opportunities, as the chance to learn a new skill or have a new experience. The corridor is your life and the doors are goals or rewards. If you do not grab the opportunities as you travel through life, you will not be able to unlock the door to your goal or reward. 

Knowing that, now is the time for you to try many new things, to experience everything that you can.

Try hard in school, so that doors remain open for you for scholarships, or even college. 
If you move forward to a troop, work on your skills and advancement, so that you can finish your Eagle requirements before life throws roadblocks in your path. 

Be physically active NOW!! So that you will have a better opportunity to make play the sports your want to in the future, and so that you can live a long and health life.

Pick up the keys NOW!! So that you can open the doors when you want to or have to make a choice.

The Cub Scout and Scouts BSA programs provide innumerable opportunities for our kids. From the skills they will learn, to the friendships they make, to the leadership lessons, there are always opportunities.