Cabin Camp 2023 Recap!

Pack 63 had an awesome time up at Camp Long Lake from February 17-19. The weekend started out with a short stop at Culvers for dinner. We arrived at Camp around 6:30 and unloaded the trailer. Kids had their bunks set up and played games for a bit until 8:00 when we went on a snowy night hike.

We climbed to the highest point in camp – aptly named High Point – and sat out looking at the stars. With so few other lights you could see thousands of stars. The wind was a bit brisk but we survived. From there we came in, made some trail mix as a snack, practiced skits for the next night, and went off to bed.

The next morning we woke up for Eggs in a Bag and then went sledding. It was a huge hit because the weather was just starting to warm up. We had chili and grilled cheese for lunch. After that, we TRIED to build Davinci bridges. It proved to be too hard for the kids, but the adults earned their Engineering Adventure.

In the afternoon the scouts worked on putting together the Pack tipi out in front of the dining hall. They took turns pulling the pulk (a sled with a waist harness) around camp. A stop outside to make giant boulders in the snow worked out some more energy before coming inside.

The kids played some more games – Flux was a hit – and then we prepped for a dinner of Mac and cheese and brisket. After dinner we did skits and then worked on a string art craft before settling in. Everyone hit the hay way earlier the second night.

On Sunday, we woke up, made some quick pancakes and sausage, cleaned the cabin and then were on the road by 9:00! It was a great campout.