Annual Pack Survey

If you’re willing to help, I’m willing to bribe you with beverages and meat. Read to the end to find out how.

The leaders of Pack 63 try to put on a fun and interesting program every year but we need your feedback to improve things. In years past we have gotten feedback like:
– Don’t shy away from a scout’s Duty to God
– Try to make the Pack meetings shorter
– Spend less time on awards and announcements.
We’re tried hard to implement these sorts of changes in the program.

We need your help again this year.

Participation from scouts and adults has been down this year so we want to know the types of activities and events that your kids look forward to. Start thinking about what would make the program even better. A survey will come out in May and we ask for feedback from every family in the Pack.

In June, we review that feedback at our annual Pack Planning Meeting. This is a great time to meet other parents and leaders in the pack and I supply plenty of meat and beverages. Please consider attending so that you can help shape the program for next year.