April Advancement

After a very busy March, our April advancement was lower due to Spring Break and some den meetings that were cancelled due to weather. That’s ok though – it gave us even more time to play games.

Wolf Den 5S. JacobsenAdventureCall of the Wild
Webelos Den 4Z. BookerAdventureCast Iron Chef 
Webelos Den 4Z. BookerAdventureEngineer 
Webelos Den 4B. KranerAdventureProtect Yourself Rules (Webelos)
Webelos Den 4A. WolfAdventureDuty to God and You
Webelos Den 4Z. BookerRankWebelos 
Webelos Den 4A. WolfRankWebelos
Webelos Den 4Z. BookerSpecial AwardsCyber Chip (4-5)